A week to remember at The Beacon

August 24, 2018

From the Desk of the COO

— Cleveland, Ohio

Looking back on the week, I am still in awe that it’s Friday already. This week has been exceptionally busy and, as it so often seems to happen, has gone by like a blur. There is one event, however, which truly stands out amongst the haze as a beacon of light.

After the rain finally subsided this past Tuesday morning, Arbor Construction and the brave team from the Iron Workers Local #17 took a well-deserved break from their demanding jobs to join together, smile for a few photos, and celebrate as the final beam was put in place atop The Beacon project on 515 Euclid Ave. In the industry, this is known as “topping off” and it signifies a very meaningful milestone, marking the completion of the main structure of the building.

Much like the topping off ceremony, The Beacon itself has come to fruition before my eyes in an unbelievably exciting way. Being involved in all aspects of our company, and overseeing as each project unfolds from sketch, to development, to blueprint, to construction, to management, it’s easy to forget to step back and appreciate what is actually being accomplished. It has been a long, yet fleeting process to date, but on that day I had a moment to stop and take in the magnitude of what Stark Enterprises is building.

As I looked up from the corner of East 4th and Euclid, and watched as the talented tradesmen came together to shake hands below the topping off piece they had ceremonially signed and set in place, it all started to make sense. The connection they now have is forever, and is one that I am only beginning to grasp as a result of this project. All of the different dimensions and relationships between the many professions that assembled to construct a building like The Beacon, is truly astounding, and I applaud this exceptional group of hard-working individuals who worked hand-in-hand to create something beautiful and lasting for the city of Cleveland.

I am very thankful, and feel a great sense of gratitude, for rewarding moments like these in my career. They give me the opportunity to stop and appreciate all of the great work that’s being done here in my hometown. More importantly though, they shine a light on the remarkable achievements of the team here at Stark Enterprises.


Ezra Stark, Chief Operating Officer

The Beacon is the first residential high-rise project in downtown Cleveland since 1974. Conveniently situated in the very heart of the city and the central business district, it boasts appealing dining options and retail establishments just outside the front door. The Beacon is set to open in May 2019, follow our progress and learn more about the property at thebeaconcleveland.com or on social media.