Land Acquisitions

Land Acquisitions are the cornerstone of our real estate development endeavors. Here at Stark Enterprises, we recognize that every successful project begins with the right parcel of land. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in identifying, evaluating, and acquiring prime real estate opportunities that align with our vision for innovative and sustainable development.

At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding of market dynamics, zoning regulations, and community needs. Leveraging our expertise and extensive network, we meticulously scout for properties with the potential to transform into vibrant, thriving communities. Whether it’s urban infill projects or expansive suburban developments, we pursue opportunities that offer value and promise for the future.

In addition to our proactive approach to land acquisition, we are committed to responsible land stewardship. We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure environmental sustainability and adherence to local regulations. By embracing best practices in land use planning and design, we strive to create developments that enhance quality of life, promote economic growth, and preserve natural resources.

Whether you’re a landowner looking to unlock the potential of your property or a community seeking thoughtful development solutions, our Land Acquisition Department stands ready to collaborate with you. Together, let’s shape the future of real estate and build lasting legacies one parcel at a time. Contact us today to explore opportunities for partnership and growth at 216-292-0076 or via email at [email protected].


• Ideal Acreage: 25 – 70 Usable Acres
• Potential Units: 200 – 350 Units
• Units per Acre: 4 – 5 Units

Property Type
• Multi-family Build-to-Rent

Construction Type
• Horizontal Multifamily (4–6 units/acre)
• Duplex, Fourplex, Sixplex


• Rents in market:
  $1750+ for 1BR, $2000+ for 2 BR, $2,200 for 3 BR
• Surrounding home values $300,000+
• Utilities available to site
• Easy ingress/egress
• Population and job growth
• Highly ranked school district
• Within 15 minute of major employment centers
• Nearby community and neighborhood amenities


• Proactive community outreach program
• Include political decision makers into outreach initiatives

Travis Gensley
Vice President of Finance
[email protected]

Chris Egan
Director of Site Selection
[email protected]

Sean Dittoe
Financial Analyst
[email protected]