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The Importance Of Developing With Green Space In Mind

Posted on 08.05.2021 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO As a real estate developer we’re known for constructing buildings, and rightfully so. Part of the allure that has been passed down from my father, Stark Enterprises founder Bob Stark, is the joy and fulfillment of creating something from nothing. Or as he likes to put it, “like planting […]

Thanks to the Best Tenants in Cleveland

Posted on 07.30.2021 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO It’s all about the experience. There’s a reason that’s the company slogan here at Stark Enterprises. Every decision we make must adhere to one crucial guideline … does this help create a great experience. So, when we built Crocker Park and Eton Chagrin Boulevard (and indeed all the properties […]

On Business Consolidation and the Move Towards Mixed-Use

Posted on 07.15.2021 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO Contracting. Consolidating. Condensing. Whatever you want to call it, it’s happening to businesses across the United States. The effects of the pandemic have taken their toll and those who have been lucky enough to weather the storm are still faced with a whole new set of challenges, from health […]

An Honest Review and Some Takeaways from Billion Dollar Loser

Posted on 04.01.2021 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO Every company starts with a single idea or mission. Google wanted to make the Internet searchable. Amazon wanted to sell, well, everything online. Facebook wanted to move social interactions to the web. Uber wanted to make mobility easier without having to own a car. The common thread lies not […]

A History of Shopping, Marketplaces, and Experiences

Posted on 02.12.2021 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO For centuries, millennia even, people have turned to the local marketplace to sell, purchase, or trade goods and services. Open air public markets are said to have been around since ancient times in Babylonia, Greece, Egypt, and China. As the main source of trade, it introduced the idea of […]

Why We’re Betting on Coworking

Posted on 10.13.2020 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO As we continue to navigate this pandemic, it has become unmistakably clear that we need to adapt and evolve. Professionally speaking, that means we have to do everything in our power to ensure the physical and mental health of our customers and staff. It also means that we have […]

The Future of Offices

Posted on 09.18.2020 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO We’re in the midst of a momentous shift in the workplace. The outbreak of COVID-19 has suddenly thrust remote work to the forefront of business operations across the globe. While the physical layout of offices has transformed significantly over the years from confined cubicles, to open-plan designs, to collaborative […]

Can’t Touch This – The Movement Towards Contactless Tech

Posted on 08.24.2020 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO Last week, I pulled up to the gate at my work garage which uses object character recognition to read my license plate and lift open, then I entered my office building through a revolving door that utilizes sensors to detect movement and automatically rotate, waved my ID badge in […]