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A Bird in the Hand

Posted on 08.29.2019 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO If I were asked to come up with a single word that best describes Clevelanders, it would undoubtedly be proud. While it’s natural for someone to hold a deep sense of pride for their hometown, here in Northeast Ohio it goes far beyond that. Our tumultuous history has ingrained […]

Assessing the Market, and Beyond

Posted on 07.12.2019 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. It’s what moves us forward for better or worse and what ultimately dictates the foundation from which we conduct our affairs, both personally and professionally. However, by definition, change is the instrument that makes the form, nature, […]

A New Chapter at Stark Enterprises

Posted on 06.13.2019 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO Today is the last day at our office on West 3rd St here in downtown Cleveland. Come Monday morning the new headquarters for Stark Enterprises will be located on the 12th and 13th floor of the National City Bank Building at 629 Euclid Ave (above Marble Room for all […]

How to Find Your Target Market

Posted on 05.03.2019 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO As real estate developers, our passion lies in creating spaces and amenities that expressly serve a need in the community. Identifying the target market is a crucial step in the development process and it serves as an indispensable guide to ensure sound decision making throughout the project’s lifespan. However, […]

Brick and mortars will never die

Posted on 03.07.2019 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO E-commerce has inextricably changed the way we shop. There is absolutely no denying that. In the last six months alone 83% of U.S. consumers made a purchase on Amazon, and when asked about their shopping behavior prior to making a retail purchase in a physical store, 39% of consumers […]

How to outlast the trends

Posted on 01.15.2019 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO Trends are constantly evolving and changing, especially in today’s fast-paced world. The fashion and food industries not only follow what’s trending in order to achieve success, but also rely heavily on these social cues in decision-making. The real estate industry on the other hand requires more foresight and innovation, […]

From Shopping Centers to Ugly Sweaters

Posted on 12.20.2018 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO On a monthly basis, the real estate industry hosts several different conferences around the country that bring together all of the major players to collaborate and introduce new skills, strategies, and ideas. Among these, the bi-annual ICSC Conference, held in Las Vegas every May and New York City every […]

Origin Story: Stark Enterprises & Iron Man

Posted on 11.27.2018 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO Like most kids, I grew up idolizing superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and of course, Iron Man for their ability to fly, scale buildings, protect cities, and ultimately save lives. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that their incredible powers are virtually unattainable, and becoming a superhero is not exactly a plausible […]