Immersive Virtual Reality Experience Sandbox VR Set to Open in Crocker Park This Fall

August 16, 2022

— Westlake, Ohio

Sandbox VR offers a uniquely social immersive VR world for friends, family & teams.

Sandbox VR, the global leader in free-roam virtual reality experiences, will be opening its first northeast Ohio location at Crocker Park. The location will be complete with 4 virtual reality rooms for gameplay along with a private party room for event hosting. Guests will choose between six exclusive immersive worlds designed by Sandbox VR’s in-house creative team of video game industry veterans.

With over twenty-five locations worldwide, Sandbox VR offers a socially immersive gaming experience that provides players a unique combination of full-body motion capture and proprietary VR technologies that enable them to transform as they enter into their own action movie. Together with friends, family or co-workers, players are equipped with a VR headset, a haptic vest, a backpack, and motion sensors on their wrists and ankles. Participants can see and interact with their team through VR goggles while they free-roam together to complete six experiences only available at Sandbox VR, which range from defeating zombies in a haunted mansion to participating in a family-friendly Star Trek space mission. The entire experience lasts around 45 minutes, with 30 minutes of gameplay.

“We are thrilled to announce that Sandbox VR is coming to Crocker Park, bringing a new creative addition of fun and entertainment for our guests,” says Ezra Stark, CEO of Stark Enterprises. “Crocker Park is a place to create memories with meaningful experiences and with Sandbox VR, the opportunities are endless with this interactive activity space. You can team up with friends and family, immerse yourself and escape reality with a whole new world right in your backyard.”

“Crocker Park is the perfect fit for our first Northeast Ohio location with its dynamic mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment,” says Josh Cole, SVP of Marketing at Sandbox VR. “We’re excited to become a part of the community in Westlake.”

The new experiential tenant is poised to open this fall in the prior Claire’s and Charles Scott spaces. For more information and to book an experience, please visit and connect with Sandbox VR on Facebook and Instagram.