Origin Story: Stark Enterprises & Iron Man

November 27, 2018

From the Desk of the COO

Like most kids, I grew up idolizing superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and of course, Iron Man for their ability to fly, scale buildings, protect cities, and ultimately save lives. Unfortunately, I quickly learned that their incredible powers are virtually unattainable, and becoming a superhero is not exactly a plausible career path. However, as I look back, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should completely abandon the idea of trying to follow in their footsteps, particularly when you share the same name.

When my father began our namesake company back in 1978, the connection to Iron Man was not even given a first thought, let alone a second. His sole motivation was to create a lasting legacy based on our family name and build upon the Cleveland-born values he still holds true to this day. The Iron Man character did appear roughly 15 years earlier (Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963 for all you comic book fans), however the fictional company was penned Stark Industries, and the comic book genre was a small novelty market by today’s standards that was heavily geared towards children, so there was very little overlap.

Almost 12 years ago to the day the first Iron Man movie was released. It was really only then that the name association came to light. In fact, Marvel Entertainment approached us during filming to discuss purchasing the rights to use our company name in the movie. Our firm stance on creating a lasting legacy around our family name and Cleveland roots stood true and we turned down their offer, forcing them to stick with the original company name Stark Industries (also, they didn’t offer us enough!).

As you can imagine, since the release of the Iron Man movie franchise we have received many questions about our affiliation to the films. While it’s not the most original question, I honestly still enjoy getting asked about it. Who wouldn’t love being compared to a tech/engineering genius who moonlights as a superhero flying around saving people in the most incredible suit ever devised? Beyond that, I love that it inherently draws parallels between our own company and the one portrayed in the comic book and on screen.

Iron Man is always looking to evolve and be on the cutting edge of innovation. From enhancing the functionalities of his suit, to finding new ways to advance the technology that pacifies his own heart condition, he’s always looking to grow and improve. In many ways, we at Stark Enterprises are doing the same thing … constantly evolving by taking on difficult projects, innovative concepts, and new markets in order to continually expand and advance. In essence, we have similar goals and objectives which invariably force us out of our comfort zone and face-to-face with difficult obstacles both personally and professionally.

The struggles that arise while in pursuit of something greater than oneself is another aspect I enjoy. Characters like Iron Man, Batman, and Hulk are deeply flawed in one sense, but immensely steadfast in another. They show vulnerability and weakness in the face of adversity yet fight relentlessly to defeat both their inner and outer demons as they strive to achieve their mission. There is an undeniable human connection that makes their heroic status more relatable, and consequently more attainable, for all of us.

It is that human element which reminds us that we have the power to transcend what we believe to be our own limitations. It helps bridge the gap between the two worlds and shows how obstacles can serve as catalysts to help us evolve into stronger individuals who are capable of heroic, seemingly superhuman feats. Much like the comic book and Hollywood world of superheroes, the real world is full of names that stand out for one reason or another. However, it’s only through action and accomplishment that those names carry a lasting legacy. And Stark Enterprises is here to stay.


Ezra Stark, Chief Operating Officer