Things to Know When Selecting A Site to Develop

Posted on 05.09.2023 in Stark Insights

Aerial view of our newest development, West Shire Village in Ocala, FL From the Desk of the CEO Real estate development can be a profitable and rewarding investment, but success largely depends on selecting the right site. The location of a development project is critical, and there are a variety of factors that must be […]

Takeaways From The Build-to-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum

Posted on 03.06.2023 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the CEO I had a great time at the 8th Annual Build-to-Rent, Land & Homebuilding Forum last week. Thanks again to everyone at the Information Management Network for putting together a great conference. And a big thanks to my fellow panelists for a really thought-provoking discussion. Here are a few of […]

What’s Going On in the Housing Market?

Posted on 02.24.2023 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the CEO The housing industry is undergoing some significant changes that have impacted how and where people are choosing to live. Here at Stark Enterprises, we have spent a lot of time researching, innovating, and integrating some solutions that directly address some of these changes. As such, and ahead of the […]

Ushering in a New Era at West Shire Village

Posted on 02.08.2023 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the CEO One thing I’ve learned over the years is that every project has its own feel. The whole process from research, to acquisition, to planning, to development, to leasing, and so on always takes on a life of its own and brings with it a host of challenges and opportunities. […]

Reflecting On The Past 40 Years

Posted on 10.14.2022 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the CEO Time is relentless. It never stops, it never slows. It just keeps moving forward in an endless line controlling the very basis on which we subsist. And the older we get, the more noticeable it becomes, the more aware we are of its effects. On the eve of my […]

The Power of In-Person Networking

Posted on 09.23.2022 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the CEO News alerts, texts, group chats, email notifications, DMs, calls. With all of these, and more, coming directly to the palm of our hand every day, it’s easy to be sucked into a screen for hours on end. Our eyes and minds are now inundated with an ocean of information […]

The Ongoing Evolution of the Experiential Shopping Center

Posted on 08.16.2022 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the CEO There’s a reason our company slogan is “It’s All About The Experience”. It places a constant focus on what really matters most in all of our projects. Whether we’re constructing a new residential development, working with a company to build-out a new office space, or leasing out a storefront […]

Why We’re Betting Big On Build-For-Rent

Posted on 05.05.2022 in Stark Insights

From the Desk of the COO We recently announced the groundbreaking at our newest development in Ocala, Florida, a 71-acre residential site called West Shire Village. My father Bob, the founder of our company, has always talked about how special the moment is, waxing poetic about the smell of fresh dirt and the promise of […]